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Steve Hilton, the former director of strategy for David Cameron, said that he was getting calls from MPs that Microsoft was threatening a large scale Windows attack on citizens if they passed the IT policy which favors Open Standards and Open Source technologies.

MPs said that Microsoft executives threatened that their constituencies will experience increased BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) and random crashes of their Windows OS if they planned an IT reform in favor of Open Standards.

Hilton said, “What got those MPs worried was that Microsoft specifically stated that the BSoD and crashes will appear during the peak working hours, thus causing serious damages to the system.”

Remaining anonymous, another MP told us that the company also threatened that they will increase the Windows boot time thus causing billions of Pounds in losses as offices will start late.

Recently a professional German team, Paderborn, lost their ranking due to Windows. Their Windows systems mysteriously crashed before the game and then after reboot started installing updates on its own which took more than 17 minutes. The team lost valuable time and despite winning the game was penalized due to lost time.

According to reports Paderborn was considering migrating to Ubuntu and Microsoft was pressuring them to not do so. Post the boot-gate and lost of game, the team signed a 20 years contract with Microsoft to use their OS exclusively. The crashes didn’t go away but Microsoft confirmed to the team that those were natural and not indented.

When we approached Microsoft for comments, the company pointed us the reports of billions of BSoD, random crashes and delayed boots that happen every day. The spokesperson said, “This is a natural phenomenon on Windows systems. There has never been any attempt to build pressure on policy makers exploiting these features. Those reports are bogus.”