One of the most backward states of North America, Indiana, has hired a clergy from UAE to translate and modify the Sharia law to suite the American population.

Indian, recently passed a Religion Freedom Bill, which was heavily inspired by the Sharia Law.

Indiana‚Äôs Republican Gov. Mike Pence said, “We like the Sharia Law, but we want a Christian version of it and not the Islamic one. We have to make certain changes to it in order to make it applicable here.”

The Republican leadership said that they want to protect people from government invasion into their lives. “No one should be punished for discriminating others, no one should fear prosecution for discriminating against women, or people of a different religion or sexual orientation,” said Jeb Bush who supports the law and plan to enact it across the country if he succeeded in the 2016 presidential race.

“Our doctors must not fear being prosecuted for not treating a critically wounded child of a different religion; our health care giver should not worry about getting dragged to court for not attending a women of different faith in labor and letting her newly born child die. We don’t want our firefighter to risk their lives to save a family of different faith devoured by fire,” said a Republican spokesperson.

As a result of the bill, atheist and agnostics of the state have come together to form Free People Alliance where professionals will deny their services to all religious people.

There are reports that major cable, power, water and telephone companies will be disconnecting services to customers of different faith. According to a report over 30,00 residents have lost power, water, telephone and internet services due to their religion.

So if you are in Indiana, and you are looking for help make sure to call the company of your faith.

Google has added new a clause to their partner program which appeared to be a response to Microsoft’s ‘hijack Android’ efforts. Google is now implementing a ‘secure boot’ feature in their Android device which essentially forbids users from installing Windows on their hardware.

Android partners are now required to implement the feature in the future devices. Google will also be pushing an Android 5.1.1 update to install secure boot on current devices. However there are many partners like Samsung which take at least a year or more to update their devices to the latest version of Android. These partners will be pushing an update for the current version of Android running on their devices to enable secure boot.

FSF said in a statement: “Google has announced that if mobile makers wish to distribute machines with the Android compatibility logo, they will have to implement a measure called “Secure Boot.” However, it is currently up for grabs whether this technology will live up to its name, or will instead earn the name Restricted Boot.”

Secure Boot!
Secure Boot!

Inspired by Microsoft?

Google seems to have taken a page from Microsoft’s own books when the legacy software maker used to dictate the PC industry. Back in its gory days Microsoft goaded the PC industry into deploying ‘secure boot‘ if the vendors wanted a Microsoft certified logo for their PC boxes. No other OS could be installed on a Windows machine. The free software community pressured the company and Microsoft made it optional for PC vendors. However it did make it more complicated for users to install Linux on a UEFI Secure boot enabled system.

While Microsoft allowed PC vendors to lax the secure boot restrictions, they made it mandatory on the mobile devices. Which meant any Windows tablet was locked to run only Windows.

The tables have turned. PC vendors are struggling to survive in the post PC era; Dell went private, HP considered selling their PC unit. Mobile players are not interested in Windows anymore. In a nutshell the situation of Windows is more or less what Linux used to be back in 2005.

Windows is the new Linux?

According to recent reports, and Microsoft’s own admittance, the Windows market share has declined to less that 14% in the consumer space. The PC shipments are at all time low as Android and iOS powered device are taking over the market.

The only way for Microsoft to survive is to become a free-loader. If no one is willing to manufacture Microsoft device (I wonder who eloped with Nokia), then the company will port its OS to run on Android devices.

According to reports Microsoft also considered iPads and iPhones but was scared of Apple’s army of lawyers who are looking for some case after Jobs’ demise and Cook’s ‘let’s work together’ attitude.

Android due to its open nature seems an easy target for Microsoft to Hitchhike a ride. But it looks like Google is not going to give the legacy software company an easy ride.

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